Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Halloween blocks

You can choose White, Cream or Black vinyl.
COST $6.50

Winter/Autumn blocks

These are blocks of wood that will have vinyl on each side.
You will have the option of black, cream or white vinyl.
(You can either paint or put scrap paper on the wood).
COST $8.50

Trick or Treat/Give Thanks blocks

These are wooden blocks that will have vinyl on both sides of the wood.
Black, Cream or White vinyl is available.
(You can either paint or put scrap paper on the blocks).
COST $10.50

Ladder Sets

These are the signs for the ladder we made in the October Super Saturday.
Each option is available in white or black vinyl.
COST $12 (Ladder available if anyone wants, cost $10)

You can also just buy the middle piece of the set, (Frankenstein or Santa faces) for $4 each.

Chistmas countdown

You can modge padge scrap paper on your pan, paint it, or just leave it plain. All the supplies will be provided.